Don’t Cry For Me – Miss Argentina

As I am opening a creative language centre in English, it is more than natural to dedicate few words to the lady who was my role-model in choosing my career path – Miss Argentina. Still under the communism, taking private English lessons and reading English books made me a real 11 years old weirdo.

No one cared for English at all. And few months later, the Revolution had occurred and suddenly everybody got mad to learn English. Therefore I was never able to find my English notebook, because my classmates were fighting for it to copy the homework.

First of all Miss Argentina didn’t look Romanian at all and she spoke English with perfect British accent. When I met her she was very slim and elegant. Very humorous and a little flegmatic, I would say.

She was not a Hollywood beauty, but I found her very attractive and interesting and I always felt curious about her romantic life. I could never find out whether she had a boyfriend or not. I think if I’d dared to ask, she would have told me.

Despite her very Cleopatra like posture which gave the impression that she might have been a very formal kind of person, she said at our first meeting: ”Call me Argentina! ” (which was her given name). I think I always called her Miss Argentina which in Romanian was sooooo long, cute though:

Domnișoara Argentina. (It is a very rare name, really.)

From my first lesson she had me reading Huckleberry Finn aloud despite the fact that at that moment I barely knew maybe fifty English words. She just gave me the credit and the confidence that I could do it. And I did it.

Thank you, Miss Argentina!

Miss Argentina doesn’t know that I am opening a creative language school in English in Ostrava. She should, right?



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