my journey with the gene keys

I discovered the wisdom of the gene keys for the first time four-five years ago. And it seemed like a fascinating piece of work. I started watching the videos which were available at that moment, interviews with Richard Rudd, the author of the Gene Keys sharing guidelines on how to work with the hologenetic profile. I didn’t dive into the book immediately, as some part of the knowledge seemed locked and not completely accessible to me back then. I wasn’t probably ready to emark fully on this journey, so I was studying it on and off. When I started reading the book, and I found it very captivating. More than 500 pages of rich, vaste and ecclectic writing, as it brings altogether precious information from the ancient wisdom teaching, symbols, and a nice vision of the contemporary. And the last, but not least the gene keys consists in a manual user for us as humans guiding us on how to connect with the whole.